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Coach -Alan Voisard

Alan & Malia

Coach Alan has to be the friendliest person you will ever meet. With over 30 years of coaching and swimming experience in age-group, masters, inter-collegiate, and professional levels, Alan Voisard is someone you can trust for the best swimming advice.

Although there are many impressive

achievements to his name, he is best known for swimming the English Channel, the Catalina Channel, and the Manhattan Island, thus establishing himself as the first person ever to earn a Triple Crown in a single year.

Alan’s swimming accomplishments helped raise funds for bringing the sport of swimming to under-served groups.

As a coach, Alan has trained top triathletes, swimmers at the Para-Olympic games, and hundreds of beginners and amateurs. He makes swimming fun and easy, and teaches with a passion rarely observed in the industry. Irrespective of your experience or ability, Alan would take you under his wing and will have you swimming like a fish in no time.