Swim Mechanix
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About Us

Based in San Diego, Swim Mechanix is the most unique coaching enterprise you will ever encounter. We pride ourselves for being non- traditional swim coaches, and for using innovative methods and customized programs to serve our clients’ individual needs.

When it comes to swimming, or any other sport, one size does not fit all. Your genetics, BMI, mobility, age, physical condition, life style, and many other factors influence swimming abilities, and all these factors need to be taken into account when designing the perfect swim stroke and program for you. At Swim Mechanix, we do exactly that and so much more.

The goals you plan to achieve through swimming are also extremely important when it comes to coaching you. Whether you are planning to do a triathlon, compete in a swim meet, or want to swim for fitness or for fun, the coaches at Swim Mechanix will help you achieve your objectives.

We provide private, semi-private, and group consultations and coaching to people of all skill level and age groups. We also provide online swim video analysis to people trying to improve their swimming ability. The hours are flexible, and the rates reasonable.