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Our Services


Our Services Include

  • Remote Swim Coaching
  • Private Lessons
  • Online Swim Stroke Video Analysis
  • Private small group swim clinics and talks

The primary purpose of Swim Mechanix is to help our clients swim like never before. The Swim Instruction service is not just your standard coaching session where the coaches supervise while you fight invisible monsters in the water. Swim Mechanix coaches have Olympic level expertise, and they put it to good use in the pool. By the time you are done with these lessons, you will wonder why you took so long to contact them!


Remote Video Stroke Analysis – $99

Through our Video Stroke Analysis, we are able to reach out to swimmers who live far away. This service can be performed in two ways; you can send us the video and we can analyze it, or you can come over to the pool and we can make a video. If we miss some flaw or shortcoming in your technique while watching you swim, the video will enlighten us. Whether you are near or far, a video stroke analysis will help us determine your strengths and weaknesses, and that would go a long way in helping you achieve your goals.

“Analyze This (Stroke Analysis)” This is a high-end service meant for any person including those who plan to participate in triathlons, and athletes training to participate in major swim competitions. The coaches at Swim Mechanix have a combined experience of over 60 years in the sport, and can detect flaws in your style just by watching you swim for a few seconds. We utilize  modern technology and can record your swimming sessions and analyze your strokesin detail. At Swim Mechanix we realize that a simple analysis is not enough; we provide solutions after the analysis and help you increase your swimming speed and improve your efficiency.  After this analysis, you will be able to see to believe resulting in improvement and a greater awareness of swimming mechanics. Who doesn’t want to have a competitive advantage?

“Consultations (Swim Consultations for Goal Setting and Training)”

Just want to talk to an expert about your training program? Need help to set and achieve goals? At Swim Mechanix, you can get consultations from coaches with Olympic level expertise. We help you set and achieve your goals, as well as explore and sort through the numerous types training programs to help you get to where you want to be with maximum efficiency.


“Swimming 101 (Plans and Techniques to become more Comfortable in the Water)”

If you are not comfortable in the water, and plan to overcome your inhibitions, contact Swim Mechanix immediately.  We will teach you how to be comfortable in the water, and how not to be afraid. By utilizing this service, you will be able to learn basic swimming and will be able to enjoy your visits to the pool.